My girlfriend Becky fuck my roommate Mark.

In my earlier story, I explained how I saw my girlfriend Becky fuck my roommate Mark. It broke my heart, and I resolved to break up with her, but I loved her too much and decided to forgive her, even ..

I heard David whisper, "Go ahead." Before I could figure out what that meant, I saw Becky reach up to his groin. "What a dork."

She finished folding her sweater, then looked back down the aisle, smiling at something else David was doing. Becky pulled her shirt back down and David walked away. Becky turned to me and checked to see if I was still asleep. Things were going to lead down the exact same path if I didn't do something. Gathering all of my energy, I managed to stand up. "He's totally staring," she whispered to me.

I thought that would be it, but then Becky grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it up over her head! Was my girlfriend really letting some guy stare at her only in a bra?

But it was even worse than I thought. As the plane started taking off, I took a strong sedative. Anyone in our section who was looking up would have seen her bra-clad breasts. And everyone behind her, including David, could see was her svelte naked back and her ponytail swishing down across it.

I tried to moan to tell her to sit back down, but couldn't get any words out. She was kneeling on the seat in front of me, facing me. In my earlier story, I explained how I saw my girlfriend Becky fuck my roommate Mark. Was my girlfriend really walking walk bottomless down the aisle of a plane?

I waited for what seemed like forever, until Becky suddenly appeared again, this time from the front of the plane, as if she had taken a lap around the aisles. What the hell was going on? Did this jerk just take his dick out in front of my girlfriend? I wanted to open my eyes more but I couldn't without alerting the two of them.

Becky turned back and blocked my view again. I don't blame her, I guess, for trying to hide it. Was Becky actually completely topless, standing up in the middle of a plane? Anybody down the front of the plane who happened to look backward would see her full naked tits and pink, slightly puffy nipples. I gathered my breath and looked up just in time to see David walk up to the first-class bathroom door. But then I saw David reach down toward his groin. Becky's shoulders were bare, but the seatback was blocking the view below her. "Go wait in your seat." I tried to protest but I couldn't say anything. Becky was staring at me, bright-eyed with lust. David looked at me and then looked back at Becky. "You can't wait for the bathroom!" she hissed. When I got back from the bathroom, I saw Becky chatting up a good-looking guy. David just stared at them and smiled and said, "Nope, just wanted a change of scenery" and then walked back to his seat.

I no longer wanted to go to sleep at all, but the drugs were already taking hold and I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer. "Baby, I'm really going to tease him now," she whispered.

Becky started moving around a bit in her seat. Facing the back of the plane, she pulled off her gray sweater, revealing a light blue shirt. "He was so shocked! His eyes were bugging out, it was hilarious! Did you like that, babe?"

I was too weak from the drugs to say anything, so I just moaned a bit. So I took off my shorts and panties and just walked down the aisle past his seat! I was holding my shorts in front of me, so I don't think he got a look at my bush, but when I walked past he turned around and got a nice long view of my bottom! I walked all the way around the aisle, so when I walked up the other side he got a good look at my side and then my butt again! Then I walked around to the bulkhead and put my shorts back on so he couldn't see anything when I walked back down to our seat!"

Becky seemed so aroused I thought she was almost going to attack me. I'm looking out for anyone." Becky looked down the aisle and then went right back to sucking David's dick. Becky, please, I silently begged her, don't let him see your bare tits!

Finally the shirt popped up over her breasts, but it was still low enough in the back that I couldn't see if a bra strap was there. I was totally shocked that Becky would do such a thing. Without knocking, he turned the knob and opened it.

Becky was standing there, leaning back against the wall, completely naked. She must have recognized that I was drugged, because she grabbed my arms and dragged me back to my seat and roughly pushed me down into it. I couldn't see what was happening, but my heart sank as I guessed that Becky was touching his dick. As soon as I took the pill I almost immediately started feeling dizzy and sleepy. Within a few moments I could barely keep my eyes open.

Just as I was going to sleep, Becky told me, "Ugh, this sweater is too hot." She stood up in her seat and turned around so she had room to take it off. I think I leaned over -- or did I? -- and through the crack between the seats I saw Becky and David in the row behind me. Now that Becky wasn't wearing a bra, her nipples were poking through her shirt obscenely. Becky was calmly reading a magazine, fully dressed and her hair neat and in a ponytail. I immediately walked up and introduced myself as Becky's boyfriend.

"This is David," Becky told me. I learned this when we ended up going on a vacation together in Asia. I was positive that all those things I saw actually happened, but Becky acted like nothing happened. Could it? Becky would not have gone so far as to fuck David right in the middle of the plane.

That was the last thing I remember before the sedative wore off just before we landed. She had a dreamy look on her face as she moved up and down in the seat. David was blocking most of my view, but there was no doubt that he had a complete look at her nude body, with her soft, trimmed bush and her full tits jiggling mouth-wateringly in front of him. Shortly enough, the drug took back hold and I actually did.

- - - - - -- --

A short time later I heard Becky whispering in my ear, "Baby, are you awake?" I struggled to open my eyes. It wasn't until a few minutes later, walking down the airport, that I saw Becky's panties peeking out of her half-opened backpack that I knew she was just lying to me. I knew Becky had a weakness for large dicks. I opened my mouth to say no, but suddenly realized that I was too drugged out to speak.

Becky must have taken my silence as a yes, because she turned back to David and lifted up her shirt! She was wearing a lacy blue bra that framed her C-cup breasts beautifully, and she shook her shoulders, making them bounce in her bra tantalizingly. And no doubt David certainly was!

Becky pulled her shirt back down and then sat down triumphantly. As much as I wanted to demand to know what the fuck she was doing, I knew I would barely be able to talk, so I just pretended to sleep. But then she explained what happened.

"Baby, did you see that?" she whispered. Becky looked at me, with a very guilty look on her face, and after thinking I was asleep, stood up and walked up the front of the plane. She winked at me and then reached behind her back, unsnapped the clasp of her bra, and shrugged it off and let it fall on the back of the seat in front of her.

I must be hallucinating, I thought. Then there was another moment of silence, and then a soft rhythmic thumping.

I was heartbroken. The first thing I saw was that David was there, standing in the aisle, and Becky was sitting in her seat, turned toward him. I got really jealous watching how the conversation slowly became flirty and how Becky giggled and laughed as she talked with David.

When we finally got on the flight, we learned that it was almost entirely empty, due to last minute connection failures. Her shirt was pulled down to her waist and her tits were bouncing wildly as she pumped his dick with her mouth. But then again, what girl doesn't?

After what seemed like forever, I heard Becky whisper something I couldn't hear, and then David said, "Your turn." Becky said something again, and David grinned and whispered, "No fair! Come on..." Becky whispered again -- if only I could hear what she was saying! -- and David whispered, "People could have seen me out in the aisle!"

That must have convinced Becky, because I saw her look up and down the aisle, and then I saw her grab the bottom of her shirt and pull it up. Right behind this door my sweet girlfriend was being fucked by some guy with a big dick she had just met. And. "You men and your love of boobs," she said, and turned back to her magazine.

I was pretty upset, and so it was hard for me to sleep comfortably. She looked deep in my eyes to make sure I was asleep, and again I pretended to be while I sadly watched her smooth out her hair and put it back in a ponytail.

At this point, I wish I could remember more, but standing and walking around had exhausted me so much I fell into a much deeper sleep. Becky put a big sexy smile for David and then turned around to face the front of the plane. I tried to knock on it but just ended up leaning against it, where I heard Becky whisper, "We have to be quiet."

"Very quiet," David whispered back. At first I wasn't sure what she was doing, but suddenly it clicked that she was slipping her shorts down off her legs. I quickly shut my eyes and slightly opened them, to see what was going on. Just then an enormous stewardess suddenly showed up right next to me. It broke my heart, and I resolved to break up with her, but I loved her too much and decided to forgive her, even though I never told her I saw her do it.

I eventually did end up breaking up with her, but only after I realized that she was just a natural cheater. He could see her round, full tits jiggle and bounce and her cute face as she was biting her lip trying to be quiet as she was getting fucked.

I leaned against the wall, trying to build up the strength to lift my hand, while I heard Becky start to gasp harder. She was using the same tone of voice she had used to ask me if she wanted to tease my roommate Mark, and I knew what that had lead to. Maybe Becky wasn't going to do anything if she didn't think I was awake to see it. But what choice did I have to break up with her?. I couldn't see what he was doing, since Becky's head was blocking my view. I couldn't tell how much time had passed by. Behind her I could see David. This sedative was so strong, and I was so angry, but already I felt it taking hold of me....


I woke up again to the sound of Becky whispering. I tried to make it sound disapproving, but Becky didn't seem to take it that way. Before I could say anything, he stepped inside and closed the door behind him.

I staggered over to the bathroom door, which took so much energy that I was totally exhausted. As the shirt went higher and higher, I quietly prayed that I would see her bra strap. "David's fucking me so good."

That last one couldn't have happened, though. I remember waking up and seeing other events, but I don't know if they really happened or were just a sad dream. "Sweetie, he saw my whole naked side and my bottom! Aren't I such a tease?"

I was furious. It was the same gasp she makes when my dick slides into her tight pussy. He had an eager look on his face that quickly turned to disappointment when he saw Becky with her shirt on and with me looking at him.

"Hi, David, you need anything?" Becky asked, smiling brightly. With a struggle, I dozed off again. His huge dick was sticking straight out of his pants, and Becky was sitting down, bobbing her head up and down on it.

Suddenly she popped his dick out of her mouth and looked at me, and whispered to him, "This is so dangerous. As I reached the bulkhead that separated our section from the bathroom doors, I slipped and fell down on one of the steward's chairs. I didn't want David to see Becky's gorgeous bare breasts, they were supposed to be just for me.

Becky must have seen something up front, because she suddenly quickly sat down. It looked like they were just talking.

I started to feel more relaxed. It was in our section, but at least it was far down the section in the center aisle seat, while Becky and I took a two-seat row next to the window. For a while I drifted in and out of sleep, just groggy. Just as I went under, Becky whispered, "Honey, should I show him my boobs?"


I suddenly woke up with a start. Then she suddenly turned to me and whispered, "Hey, should I tease him? Do you want me to, sweetie?"

My heart immediately leapt in my throat. To my relief, she was wearing her shorts. I tried to raise my voice but I could only whisper, "No..." before I collapsed into silence again. She just kissed me on the cheek. This time, I really couldn't open my eyes very much, but I did enough to see her talking to David. I didn't hear exactly what she was saying until she said, "Go back to your seat, wait a minute and then go." David nodded and walked back down the aisle. I asked her where David was, and she responded, "Who, that guy we met at the gate? I dunno."

When I saw David, he also acted like nothing had happened, he just waved at us and left for a taxi. He's going to wake up."

David whispered back, "He won't wake up. Her naked back slowly came into view again. I was worried that David would try to sit next to us, but to my relief, he stayed in his assigned seat. I heard David whisper, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming," before I passed out again.

Another time, and this one I doubt actually happened, I remember waking up and seeing Becky's face. Then I heard a zipper and a belt being unbuckled. About a half hour later, I heard Becky whisper into my ear, "Sweetie, do you want me to tease David again?" I struggled to open my eyes and say something, but all I could mutter was another moan.

I guess she took that as a yes, because she smiled and said, "Watch this." Then she stood back up again, facing the back, and started stretching, reaching her arms back and thrusting her chest out, and rotating around her hips. But David's eyes got wide and he mouthed a low "woooow." Becky giggled. I had scheduled the trip in a last-ditch hope that we could reconnect, but instead the plane ride there made me realize there was nothing I could do.

I should have realized from the moment we got at the gate that there was going to be a problem. her panties? But before I could figure it out, she stood up and walked down the aisle. The room was too small to sit down or move around in, which meant that he was standing her up, face to face, staring into her eyes while he was thrusting his cock in and out of her. About a second later, I saw David walk past, after checking to see if I was asleep.

This was the first time the two of them were walking somewhere together, and I wasn't going to let it just happen. Where was she going? Toward where David was sitting? And did I see her naked ass as she left?? As I struggled to keep my eyes focused, I saw what looked like Becky's panties laying on the floor in front of her seat. There was a moment of silence, and then I heard Becky gasp. I heard Becky whisper something, and then David looked at me and whispered to her, "He's asleep."

Becky turned back to look at me with a worried expression on her face. As she folded the sweater, she looked at something down the aisle and started giggling.

"David just gave me a thumbs-up," she said to me. "I'm sorry, but it's regulations!" she said.

After a few minutes, David walked past, and a minute later Becky came back and sat down. Aside from a couple of random people who looked like they were already going to sleep, it was only the three of us in the section.

Then I made the biggest mistake of the trip. Through the drug haze, I saw her grab her shirt and unfold it, her delicious tits jiggling and bouncing as she scrambled to put it on.

Not two seconds later, I saw David walk past. For a brief second, her head moved and I could swear I saw a huge cock sticking right out of David's pants. I have terrible flight anxiety, though, so I couldn't avoid it. "He's going over to Beijing on a business trip."

I nodded and tried to join the conversation, but Becky and David were already far into it and eventually I got quiet. I do remember that at one point I think I saw David standing over Becky, squeezed between her seat and the back of the seat in front of her. I strained as hard as I could to see what he was looking at. Without waiting for me to respond, she said, "I knew you'd want me to tease David a little more, so I thought I'd give him a peek at my butt. Before I passed out I remember David groaning and reaching down and grabbing Becky's tit through her shirt.

I also remember waking up and seeing that Becky was gone. For a second, I seriously started to doubt that anything had happened. "Oh, baby, he's fucking me," she whispered to me. Both of them were sitting down, while Becky was leaning over into David's lap, giving him an energetic blowjob. A few seconds later I heard groaning from behind me. I groaned again. Becky turned to me and whispered, "I bet he's flipping out!" Her turning caused her breasts to swing lightly, maybe even enough for David to see the side of one. Her head was bobbing up and down on his cock while she jerked him off with her hand. I stumbled out of my seat and then up the aisle, trying to see where the two of them were gong. She was flushed, the way she gets after she has an orgasm, and her hair was wildly mussed. I hoped it was just her bra, but part of me knew that it was more.

Suddenly, David looked up the aisle.

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